Awww Tulips!

It's that time of year again....the tulips are in full bloom and I'm happy as a clam.  It's funny because I love to garden and don't have one tulip bulb in my yard but I LOVE to visit the tulip fields every spring.  

Normally I drive up to Mount Vernon and just choose a random field of flowers but this year I didn't feel like scrambling to find parking on the side of the road (I had the little one with me).  So me and the baby drove straight to Roozengaarde instead.  It does cost $7 to enter but it's worth it for the organized parking and the beautiful flower displays!  They also have a little store to buy trinkets or cut flowers and a food stand where you can grab lunch! 

Here are some of my favorite tulip images from this year!  


Seattle 3 month baby milestone session

Session Type:  Baby Milestone

Session Location:  Seattle In-Home

How is this little guy already 3 months old! It feels like it was yesterday that I was taking his newborn pictures.  He was the tiniest little thing when he was born and I was so surprised how much he had chunked up since the last time I had seen him (good job Momma)!  I was also pretty excited that I was able to get some super cute pictures of big brother too!

I love 3 month old baby pictures. 3 month old's tend to have the cutest little expressions and they are in this transition period between being a newborn and a bigger baby.  It truly is a unique and very fleeting time.  



Gas Works Park Family Photography

Session Type:  Family Photography

Session Location:  Gas Works Park - Seattle

My absolute favorite thing about being a photographer is being able to be a part of really special moments in people's lives!  During this session, a very new Momma to be, chose to announce her second pregnancy to her parents and in-laws.  I was honored to be able to witness the real surprise and the very real emotion that followed when they all found out they were going to be grandparents again.  

The pregnancy reveal also gave them a chance to get pictures together ..... how often does that happen? :)


Seattle Newborn Photography

Session Type: Lifestyle Newborn

Session Location:  Seattle Family Home

This beautiful boy made his appearance fast and early and he has proven to us all that he is one little fighter!  His Momma is also such a beautiful and loving person.  And I adored being able to capture all of the sweet moments between her and her newest little one.   As Mothers we definitely want all of those perfect little pictures of our newborn but I know we all crave pictures of ourselves with our babies too.  That's the great thing about these in-home sessions....real pictures...real memories.    


I'd love to spend some time with you, your family and your new baby.  Connect with me HERE to book your newborn session.   Click HERE to see more of my lifestyle newborn portfolio!  

Family Photography in Snohomish

Session Type:  Family Photography

Session Location:  Centennial Trail - Snohomish

You know what the best part of living in the PNW is?  (Other than our amazing summers) It's the ability to still have a great family session in the middle of December!  This family ventured up and met me on the Centennial trail in Snohomish (while on their way to pick up their Christmas tree)!

And we had the whole place to ourselves - it might have been a little cold...but other than that, it was perfect family photography session!