Do you ever get frustrated when trying to take a picture of your children?  Well, believe me, I know exactly how you feel! 

The struggle is definitely real and I too get frustrated when my kids just want me to leave them alone (especially during my 365 day projects and I just need one picture for the day).  But if you think about it, it's totally normal.  They could care less about pictures because there is nothing in it for them! 

If you are like me, you may have resorted to bribery of some kind.  Please son…just give me one minute and you can have ice cream.  Unfortunately this rarely works because now, all he can think about is that ice cream!   

So how do I keep up with my personal projects without pulling all of my hair out?  Well, it's actually pretty simple - I try to make it fun!  My almost 5 year old doesn't care if I'm snapping away with the camera if he's doing something he wants to do.  Of course this means that I may have to adjust my expectation for the session.  I won’t get the ultra-posed and smiling at the camera shot but it also means that I'm probably getting something real and authentic. And ironically when I don’t ask for it, my son is much more willing to smile at the camera (reverse psychology maybe?)

For example - this last weekend we just happened to camp right next to a Christmas tree farm.  I had no idea that it was there and as we drove past it my photographer brain was buzzing with all of the possibilities.  Lincoln had a different plan though and he had absolutely no interest in the pretty light and location.  That is - until I asked him to run through the trees!  All of a sudden it wasn't about my camera, it was about him playing and having fun!  I ended up with images that I totally love and because I was relaxed and let him play, he even suggested a posed shot with his baby brother afterwards. 

I incorporate this same concept into my client sessions too.  I want the experience to be stress free and I want you to have fun!  It's my goal to capture that traditional family portrait (if that is what you want) but I also want to create timeless and authentic images that speak to you and speak to your heart as a Mother.

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Family sessions

Motherhood sessions: 


See....no interest AT ALL!


And then I asked him to play!


He suggested these pictures with his brother......love!


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Shauna Puckett