Do I get to choose which image I can purchase?  

Yes, definitely!  You will receive an online proofing gallery with ALL of the technically sound images of your child.  How many images you receive will completely depend on how comfortable your child is in front of the camera.  I promise at least 2 unique images but many students have as many as 5-10.  In addition, each of these unique images will be offered in both color and black and white.  So you will have many options to choose from.  


How do I order?

All ordering will take place in your online gallery.   Once the gallery is released you will have 7 days to place your order.  Your prints and products will be delivered to the school and your digital image purchases will be available for immediate download.  If you are unable to place an order within the 7 day window, you will still have the option to order digital images however discounted packages and certain products will no longer be available.


What products do your offer?  

You will have the option of purchasing prints, digital images and canvases.  If you have something specific you are looking for, please contact us for a custom order!


How much do your products cost?

Print packages range from $25 to $45.  Digital images $25 (1) to $65 (All). A la carte prints start at $10 and canvases + retouching is available.  


Can we change the image background?  

No, all students will be photographed on a simple black background.   Our goal is create an authentic, timeless portrait of your child.  We have found that a simple background works best for this. 


Can I make copies of my prints?  

If you would like to print your own images, we offer a digital image purchase option. This digital option comes with a print release and you are able to print as many copies as you want.   Prints should not be copied/scanned.  This would be a copyright issue and the quality is nowhere near as good!  


What should my child wear for picture day?  

We recommend clothing that works for your child's personality!  We do recommend avoiding dark clothing (because of the black background), logos and large graphic prints and neon.  


What if we don't like our images?

This is pretty rare, because you do receive several different images in your gallery!  If you are unhappy with your images or you were unable to make the original picture day, a re-take day will be scheduled with your school (this is dependent on the school).  


Do you offer family photography?  

Yes!  In addition to school photography, we are a family photography studio.  Please contact us HERE for more information.   As a thank you - all school photography clients receive a free bonus with their session!


Do you have additional questions?  

No problem - email us at and we are happy to help!