Lifestyle Newborn Session


What to Expect



The day of your session I will arrive at your home at the pre-scheduled time. I bring all of the supplies that I may need for your session. This includes my camera, lenses, flash (of course) as well as a few newborn blankets and wraps for the individual newborn shots.    

After I arrive and have brought in all of my supplies, I will then work with you to scout out the best “light” in the house. Lighting can make or break a photography session so we will want to choose the best location in the house for your portraits. Sometimes this location happens to be in the baby’s room or your living room – sometimes it’s a bit more unusual like the dining room.    

Once we have found the best location in the house I will ask you to feed the baby while I’m setting up. We want him or her to be well fed and sleepy. We will then begin your photography session – I like to keep things really relaxed so there is no pressure to get a particular shot at any given time. Often the children (baby and siblings) will direct how the shoot proceeds – we will just go with the flow.   

Please Note:  Most lifestyle sessions last around two hours (particularly when siblings are involved).  


How can you prepare?    



  • Lifestyle shoots normally involve several different rooms in the house. Make sure that all potential rooms are clean and tidy (beds are made; clutter has been removed, etc). If there is something you don’t want included in a picture – temporarily remove it. The most common rooms used during these shoots are – living/family room, nursery, sibling’s room and master bedroom.

    • Tip: the bed in the master bedroom is a great photography location. If possible, use a solid colored neutral bedspread and lots of pillows.

  • Open up all of the curtains and blinds in the house. Light is crucial!

  • Crank up the heat in the house. Considering that this is a family shoot, we don’t want everyone else to be uncomfortable but we do want it warmer than normal for baby. If you have a portable space heater – have it ready.




  • Individual newborn shots are best when the baby is either naked (with a diaper on) or very lightly clothed. Solid colored onesies work well for pictures (white, grey or other neutral colors).

  • Feed the baby about an hour or two before I get there. We want the baby to be hungry when I arrive so you can feed them right before the session starts. If you are okay with it, having a bottle of pumped breast milk or formula ready can also be REALLY helpful. Baby will not sleep if he/she is hungry. A pacifier can also be helpful.

  • Do you have any special props you’d like included? If so, collect them and have them handy. These might include a special blanket or stuffed animal – anything you’d like baby to be photographed with.


  • Prepare the other children for the photo shoot. Talk to them about how much fun it’s going to be and how important their “big sister or brother” role is going to be.

  • Collect some of older sibling’s favorite toys and have them ready. I love to get pictures of the older children playing and it makes them feel more comfortable.

What to wear:   

Solid colored clothing is preferred for these types of sessions. Avoid any busy patterns, logos or overly bright/harsh colors. Think neutral and casual – so gray, light brown/tan, light yellow, pink or blue. Creams look really nice against dark pants (like denim). I also think bare feet are best for in-home sessions. Once again – think nice but comfortable.  

  • Tip/Suggestion: If the nursery is decorated I’ve seen some really beautiful photo shoots where participants have coordinated their clothing with the nursery décor and coloring (think accessories).

Quick Note:  

  • Please leave the photography to me. Family/friends with cameras are not allowed. I am okay with a couple of camera phone shots if you give me a heads up though!

  • Last but not least – relax and enjoy the experience!

After the session:

After the session I review and cull all of the images and I choose approximately 50 final images to edit.  Each of these images are fully edited and include edits such as exposure and white balance adjustments, creative cropping and blemish removal from skin.  Although I think it’s important that the images are natural looking, I still do my best to make sure you all look really great in the final pictures!

Your gallery of images will be ready approximately 2 weeks after your session.  Before I leave your house we will schedule a time for you to visit my studio in Everett for your viewing and ordering appointment. At that time you will have an opportunity to purchase fine art prints, canvases, albums, wall art and digital images – all completely up to you!