1. How do I order prints? We have set up an easy online ordering gallery! Go to: https://lincolnandlucy.shootproof.com/wsd and enter your email address for access. As you will see, all of the group pictures are organized by dance genre. Click on the appropriate album to view all of the group portraits for that genre. To order, click on your favorite image to enlarge it. At the top, right hand corner you will now see a “buy photo” tab. Click on that to choose a 5x7, 8x10 or 10x13 print.

  2. Can I purchase the digital version of the group portrait? No, group portraits are only available as a printed product.

  3. How much is shipping? You have 2 options for delivery and shipping. If you order by 7/14/19, you have the option for free studio pick-up at the WSD studio. These prints will be delivered at the end of July. You can also choose to have the prints shipped directly to you for $2.99 (until 7/31, shipping goes up to $4.95 starting 8/1).

  4. Is there a deadline to order? The deadline for free delivery to the WSD studio is 7/14/19. The deadline for $2.99 direct shipping is 7/31/19. The galleries will stay open until the end of August but the direct shipping fee goes up to $4.95.

  5. Where can I find individual pictures of my dancer? Individual pictures were not taken this year (unless you signed up for a time slot at the Lincoln & Lucy studio).

  6. I have questions about ordering - how do I contact you? Fill out our contact form HERE and we will get back to you as soon as possible!